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Posted on: January 14, 2020

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Are you looking for a new family dentist? Our family dentistry office is prepared for all your dental needs. The enamel is the strongest tissue in the whole body, but even this level of strength has its limits. Chipped teeth can happen when trauma occurs or even from a gradual grinding of the teeth due to bruxism.

If you discover you have a broken tooth, the first thing to do is call your family dentist. There are many remedies for a chipped tooth, especially if you act quickly.

How do teeth break?

Many tooth injuries happen because of trauma. Sports injuries, accidents and falls can cause a tooth to chip or break. Even biting down on something hard can break an already weakened tooth.

Getting a tooth fixed immediately after the damage is found will decrease the risk for further harm and infection. The sooner the tooth is treated, the better chance of keeping that tooth from falling out.

Why did my tooth chip?

If a tooth already has signs of decay, it is at a higher risk of damage. Those with certain conditions like diabetes or osteoporosis may be more susceptible to broken teeth.

Using teeth as a tool is not recommended. Teeth can easily get chipped when trying to rip open a package or open a bottle with the bite.

How to care for a broken tooth right after it happens

Right as the tooth is broken, a family dentist will recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen and rinsing the mouth with warm salt water. If the edge of the tooth is jagged, cover it with paraffin wax or sugarless chewing gum to protect your teeth and tongue from cuts.

Treatments for a broken tooth

Dental bonding

Bonding is a treatment best suited for small chips in the enamel on the front teeth. A tooth-colored composite resin (a tooth-safe polymer material) is applied to the edge of the tooth and reshaped to fill in the chipped spot. This is a relatively simple procedure that can be done by a family dentist in one sitting. The resin is hardened with a UV light and the tooth is functional and ready for use on the same day.

Dental crown

When a large piece of the tooth breaks off, a cap is the best option. Having a crown put in to repair a damaged tooth is a bit more invasive and involves the dentist filing down part of the remaining tooth. The prepared tooth is then fitted with a tooth-shaped cap over the top.

Crowns restore the functionality of the bite in addition to the single tooth. These tooth-shaped caps are completed in two appointments: The first, where the dentist prepares the tooth, and a second where the permanent crown is placed.


These tooth-colored shells are used on front teeth that have been chipped. A veneer can make the tooth look whole again by attaching it to the whole front of the tooth. A small amount of enamel may need to be removed to properly place the veneer, but it is usually a minimal change.

Root canal therapy

When the inside pulp of a tooth is affected by damage, it can become infected. This causes pain on the nerve of the tooth. A root canal helps to remedy a broken tooth by clearing the inside of the tooth from any infection. The tooth is then filed and a crown is placed on top.

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