Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

If you need oral surgery, we encourage you to call (937) 310-8039 and schedule an appointment with our Fairborn, OH dental office. Whether you need wisdom teeth extractions or you're looking to have teeth replaced with dental implants, we can perform the oral surgery you need to return your mouth to an excellent state of health. At Greene Dental Associates, our goal is to ensure that our patients are healthy and that any oral surgery is performed in a way that is as gentle and comfortable as possible. For this reason, we will always provide you with anesthesia prior to oral surgery and will take the time to explain all of your options so that you are both informed and prepared.

Oral Surgery and Teeth Extractions

At Greene Dental Associates, we perform tooth extractions on a regular basis. When possible, we try to save a damaged or infected tooth and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.  However, we also realize that there are certain circumstances that demand it. One of the more common reasons that patients visit us for a tooth extraction is to have wisdom teeth removed. This third set of molars is typically unnecessary because most people still have their first and second set of molars in place when the third one tries to emerge. As such, there is very rarely enough room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth. This can force them to grow in sideways or impacted which can be painful, uncomfortable, and increase the likelihood of an oral infection. At our 45324 office, we can remove some teeth and do so in a way that is as comfortable and gentle as possible so that your oral health can be maintained.  If you or your teen has wisdom teeth that are creating discomfort or you want to have them removed due to a fear that they may push other teeth out of place, we invite you to visit our Fairborn, OH dental office to schedule a consultation. We can conduct a physical examination and take x-rays before letting you know whether a tooth extraction is the right solution for your particular situation.

The Need for Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is often needed for teeth extraction, wisdom teeth or any teeth because they are impacted and therefore cannot be simply pulled out. In this situation, we provide patients with anesthesia and then create a flap in the gum tissue so that we can access the tooth below. We can then either wiggle the tooth out of place or we will cut it into pieces and we extract those pieces one at a time.

Dental Implants: Oral Surgery to Replace Missing Teeth

One of the more common types of oral surgery is for patients to replace teeth using dental implants. This is the only permanent way to replace missing teeth because it is the only solution that is surgically placed underneath your gums and secured to your actual jawbone. The implant itself is a small titanium screw that when secured to the jawbone will become a new root system for your dental crown (new tooth) to be secured to. Through the process of osseointegration, your dental implants will be as secure and durable as your natural teeth would have been. This makes it an incredibly popular option with our 45324 patients.

Schedule a Consultation

If you feel that you are in need of oral surgery or would like to discuss your oral health in general, we encourage you to call (937) 310-8039 and schedule an appointment with our Fairborn dentist office. At Greene Dental Associates, we help patients throughout the area and are confident that we can improve your oral health.

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